What is evergreen SEO and why use it?

Evergreen SEO is a must for those looking to maintain consistent traffic. If you ask me what kind of SEO your business needs, unless it is seasonal, I will always tell you to look for evergreen SEO. Talking about “evergreen SEO” we are referring to a type of SEO that does not expire or, at […]

10 questions for a successful digital marketing campaign

Making the right questions for a successful digital marketing campaign will be one of the keys to the expected outcome. Most of the time, the reason why a campaign does not perform as it should is because it is not well defined. We can’t start out on a wild goose chase. Good planning is crucial […]

Disavow: how to remove toxic links

Removing toxic links using the Disavow tool is one of the technical SEO options that can make a difference to our website. It is an effective way for Google to disregard those domains that point to us and are of interest to us. Actually, rather than removing toxic links, we have to translate it literally […]

A quick guide of the best online advertising formats

Nowadays there are an infinite number of online advertising formats. Having a digital advertising campaign is a basic requirement for every marketing team, and a fundamental part of an Inbound Marketing strategy.  Although all marketers are very well familiar with digital advertising, it is important to remember that there is a wide range of creative […]

ChatGPT: Will SEO disappear with AI?

On 5 December 2022, Twitter dawned with this devastating thread. It declared, brilliantly, that Artificial Intelligence (AI), with the help of ChatGPT, its, until now, most powerful tool, was going to change the way we do SEO and Digital Marketing forever. In fact, we are clearly facing one of the marketing trends for this year. […]

What is the EEAT and its impact on SEO

If there is a supreme guideline in Google, it is that we make the best content for the user. And the addition of a new acronym to the EAT, now EEAT, adds a new nuance to take into account for the SEO of your website.  In 2014, the first mention was made of EAT, which […]

Improve your website’s SEO with ChatGPT

It’s a trending topic. Since it burst into our lives in December, ChatGPT has not stopped generating news. And we think it’s an excellent tool to improve your website’s SEO.  With Google announcing its own AI, Bard, and Bing integrating ChatGPT into its search engine, the race to offer the best assistant has only just […]

The best plugins for WordPress

It has been obvious for quite some time now, WordPress is the king of kings among all content management systems (CMS). Today we come to tell you what we think are the best plugins for WordPress. These software add-ons to add functionality to a WordPress website are the basis of everything. It is where you […]

Purposeful marketing: what is and why is it fashionable?

Purposeful marketing is one of the most important digital marketing trends of the third decade of the 21st century. No longer is it simply about reaching the consumer, but the ethical and sustainable aspect of marketing has started to become a priority. Already last year, this was one of the key findings of the Deloitte […]

SEO or SEM: what should I choose to grow my business?

When we are about to move forward with our company’s digital strategy, deciding whether to invest in SEO or SEM is one of the most crucial decisions we will face. Or, at least, that’s how we can perceive it. In reality, we can achieve more or less similar results, with nuances that I will explain, […]