How to study SEO competence?

Studying the SEO competence is a must if we want to prevent our competitors from gaining ground on Google. Also if we want to be inspired and find new strategies that, perhaps, we would not have thought of. Sometimes, it can even work to feed our ego. It is never good to rest on your […]

Digital marketing trends for 2023

The year 2022 is coming to an end (what a year we’ve had!) and it’s time to start thinking about digital marketing trends for 2023 in order to develop your new marketing strategies. In an increasingly digitized society, with brands becoming more and more involved in online marketing, the predictions for 2023 are full of […]

What is influencer marketing and how does it work

Influencer marketing is perhaps one of the most resonant terms in the industry at the moment. The so-called “influencers” continue carved out a niche in the market and have even gone from being figures exclusively on social networks to being present on television, participating in films or attending the most important events in the world. […]

Sensorial marketing: the power of the senses in marketing

Sensorial marketing is a set of strategies that, without being aware of it, constantly surrounds us. When it comes to marketing, most people think of advertising campaigns behind new products, social media management or crocheted slogans that help brands boost revenues.  The truth is that marketing involves a myriad of exciting strategic and operational actions. […]