Strategic digital business consulting

If we are not talking about business, what is it about?

We are digital techies; but we are also an agency focused on two main aspects: strategy and data. Our mission is to generate business and monetary return.

We develop business on the Internet; because we understand where the value of each channel is. That is why we integrate into your model and analyze how we can improve it and make it grow.

A well-built digital business strategy

  • Value-added channels: We identify which are the channels that should focus the invest and where the potential profits are.
  • Key products and services: What do you want to sell? What are the trade margins? How the stock rotation is? Now its time to be precise.
  • New markets: we aim new niches to grow with your company. We do not believe in anything we see with the naked eye and we find value in the data; as in decisions.
Imagen de dinero para explicar que somos una agencia de negocio digital y no sólo de branding. Es la cara de la reina de Inglaterra

In our comapny we do believe there is a difference in doing digital marketing just because, and doing digital business through marketing. We do not understand strategy without results or investments without measurement control; That is why we stick to the business and the numbers, so that your company increases its income and profits.

Strategy for companies

Strategy is the key to generating business. Objectives, KPIs and control.

Online business cannot drift, you need a clear destination and the right tools. And thinking. Thinking a lot; Competitors do they work and they actually work very hard.

We design your digital strategy from a tactical approach; to achieve the objectives set. Never forgetting that flexibility and rapid adaptation to the environment is the guarantee of success for your company.

  • Media: paid, earned or owned, we define what, how, when and how much we have to invest per channel.
  • Out of the box: We do unconventional stuff to get an unconventional return.
  • Clear objectives and KPIs: measuring everything we do is a guarantee of success, we make decisions based on data, not intuition.
Representamos nuestro servicio de estrategia para empresas con un niño intentando subir unas escaleras. Cómo subir estas escaleras es una metáfora del sentido estratégico.

It is difficult for us to define in three points what we develop in hours of working. Strategically, we must be clear about who we sell to and how we sell, as well as why we sell. What needs do we cover, what is our competitive advantage and how are we going to communicate it. strategy first, then the tactic, and finally execution.

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