SEO positioning agency

We work on the SEO positioning of your website with a standing strategic focus.

Do you know that your customers are actually looking for your products or services over the Internet? Therefore, a SEO focused strategy is essential to connect with them.

What can we do for your company?

  • WPO: we optimize the loading speed of your company’s website. On the Internet, you have to move like the wind.
  • Local SEO: If you have a local store, it is necessary to work on the local SEO of Google my business. Proximity searches represent a significant percentage of store online traffic.
  • Technical SEO: codes, robot txt., Sitemap, canonical …, these are a must elements that should be managed on every online business. Our specialists keep your website ready for a correct indexing work in the main search engines.
  • Link Building: When it comes to positioning products or services, linkbuilding is an important task to approach. We make powerful link strategies to scale the top position.
  • ASO: we love the world of apps and their positioning in app stores. We have positioned more than 30 apps in the main stores.
  • Logs: a huge analysis to control the crawler budget. We do not spill a drop.
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How do we build SEO strategies?

  • SEO audit: as SEO consultants it is the first thing we assume. Knowing the lights and shadows of your website is the first step towards success.
  • SEO action plan: keyword analysis, monitor the organic positioning of your competitors to, finally, propose a customer-oriented content plan.
  • SEO campaign: it is the time to put all of the above into practice: SEO on page, SEO off page, content and SEO optimization of all of them, to achieve the aspired web positioning.
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What type of traffic do we search on Google?

Quality driven traffic, segmented. Traffic to the website that is capable of generating customers. As a SEO agency, our goal is for your website to gain visibility on the Internet; guaranteeing the health of your site through white SEO techniques.

Google accounts for 96% of user searches. And its first three organic search results take 90%. If you are not there, you do not exist for Google users.

Positioning in Googlee

Showing up in your search results is the first step to success. Our team of SEO consultants will take your company to the first Google results. It is about finding succes within the Google search results.

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