How to do SEO on Amazon effectively

Juan Aguilar
SEO Consultant

Can you do SEO on Amazon? The answer is clear and it is yes. The online retail giant has its own positioning algorithm, A9, with its own specific characteristics to which you have to pay attention. The secrecy of the retail provider is absolute, okay, we are used to it.

It is often said that Amazon will show the products they want to sell and there is little you can do about it. Well… the latter is not quite true, so let’s review why.

There are a number of ranking factors that can be difficult for sellers large and small to take on board at first, as they go out into the field to play. The American king of internet sales pays special attention to the so-called ‘performance factors’, i.e. the number of sales a product has, the images, the CTR, or the rating score. Of course, price is another key performance attribute that affects the positioning of a listing and one of the determining factors for winning the buy box.

Captura de Amazon del Monopoly
Amazon’s Buy Box is a welcome headache

But then, which factors can you intervene on in order to do SEO on Amazon? These are the so-called relevance factors and are closely related to keyword research. It is about acting on the different editable fields of a product page on Amazon, in relation to keywords of interest, which allow you to rank positively for certain searches by users.

Ok, so what do I have to ‘touch’ to do SEO on Amazon?

First and foremost, it is clear that keyword research is king here. In all the fields below, it is a question of acting on a keyword in relation to our product page on Amazon. If performance factors ‘start to move’, it is now the turn of relevance factors. It should also be noted that if there are not many product pages competing for a term, On Page factors become more important and can represent a great opportunity.

Probably, the product title field is the one that can bring the most strength to our On Page strategy on Amazon. In this case it is a matter of including as many keywords related to our product page as possible. Yes, I’ve seen things you wouldn’t believe, I’ve seen personalised pillows titled as a rectangular cushion with photo. It’s obvious that few people are looking for a rectangular cushion, when what they are looking for is a pillow, isn’t it? Well, that’s what Amazon’s keyword research tools are for.

Here are some tips for SEO titles on Amazon:

  • Include your brand name
  • Include a clear description of the product’s attributes
  • Mention a specific ingredient or material
  • Specify the colour of your product
  • Specify the size of the product
  • Mention the quantity of product, if applicable

Also, and before jumping to the descriptions where it can be even more relevant, you should avoid keyword stuffing in any of the editable product fields. Do not overuse keywords, because the algorithm will detect it and it will affect negatively. OK, first-rate SEO, but it needs to be said. It can jump out at the user as a spamming technique and drastically affect your CTR.